" Solitudes " Group Performance - 
Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker


Group Performance

Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

Arise, in direct contact with the 'other', yes, arise, let's arise all,
march out of our theaters, arise citizens, arise children

march toward the other that we refuse to see, dance, dance, together

let blood water our solitudes.

Jean Daniel Fricker

Solitudes, Graz 2012 - Photo: Klaus Seewald

Première 30th of December 2012 at Studio Ki, Graz Austria with 15 workshop participants.

With the support of the Steirische Kulturinitiative.

What is necessary, after all,

is only this: solitude, vast inner solitude.

To walk inside yourself and meet no one
for hours—that is what you must be able to attain. 

To be solitary as you were when you were a child. 

Rainer Maria Rilke

18th, 19th, 20th April 2013 on the morning in Paris (outdoor)

With: Céline Angèle, Elena Cozzi, Sophie Cutillas, Kai Podhraski, Sara Pulici, 
Teresa Santos, Iva Tratnik, Van-Kim Tran
With the support of Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris.


18th of April 2013

with the starting day

Pont St Louis - Photo Jean Daniel Fricker

Panthéon - Photo Jean Daniel Fricker

Luxembourg Garden - Photo Jean Daniel Fricker

    19th of April 2013

 Parvis du Sacré Coeur - Photo Maite Soler

l'Arbre des Voyelles Giuseppe Penone, Jardin des Tuileries - Photo Jeffery Meylan

Musée du Louvre - Photo Jean Daniel Fricker

Impasse des Arbalétriers - Photo Jean Daniel Fricker

20th of April 2013

Pont des Arts - Photo Georges Karam

Pointe de l'île de la Cité - Photo Georges Karam


Les Deux Plateaux Daniel Buren - Photo Georges Karam

Père Lachaise Cemetery - Photo Georges Karam

 "Active pockets of silence, within the streets, within the noise."

Jean Daniel Fricker

"A loneliness that goes towards the other.

In the darkness,
find the lost path of silence,
the one that takes us to the unknown paths of the depths.

In the night
step forward on the road of loneliness together
the one that reveals the buried memories of the body.

Between dream and awaking,
let's get impregnated by the atmosphere of each place
in these vertical moments intertwined of light and shadow.

Welcome the day, receiving openness,
Be nothing more than hearts beating,
and carrying in every drop of their blood all mankind,
from the smallest to the infinity.

One single incandescent flesh, Fires. "

Celine Angele

" Family
our parents, our past and future generations,
all hidden inside
our subconscious
the unknown

movement finds its way into the stillness
loneliness is the way to be
body opens to the entire world
finally going back to its ancestors. "

Elena Cozzi

" We are bloodstained stones on the relics of our fathers,
bright souls stranded at the edges of the sidewalks
burning breaths of nameless bodies -
there is no more voice that I can call myself
only latitudes of the body where the flesh dawns
and as a poppies field
from our solitudes emerges
the blood of the earth."

Sara Pulici

" Waves of cold space hitting in my loneliness, searching for my freedom, my silence.
Milions of body's eyes switch focus and worlds borders start dissolving,
allowing to see and meet places beyond skin.
How many are there dancing with us? "

Teresa Santos

"Peeling off the skin of the city, red is coming out:
the hidden turbulent streams of red,
red silently screaming...
Red fraternity...

My body turned from inside out:
I am not a person, I am a red colour:
red stream of blood, red curtain in the wind on Tiepolo painting, red stroke of brush
/ ... / "
Iva Tratnik

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