" Lumière Noire " Solo Performance Céline Angèle - Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

Lumière Noire

Legend tells that the last words of Victor Hugo had been:
" This is the fight of day and night ... I see a black light (Lumière Noire). "

I propose this experience of body and words, seeking their birth.
This collection of Victor Hugo's books dates back at his lifetime period,
and was purchased by the great-grandfather of Celine Angele.
Each text read during the performance is encountered in the moment, in the place and in the body.

Jean Daniel Fricker

Photo Georges Karam


Solo Performance: Céline Angèle

Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

Text: Victor Hugo

Duration: 60 minutes approximately



The conversation of the dead.
I am a body portrait,
a nude mystery,
an innumerable memory,
I immerse my roots in the sanctuary
of my ancestors
and receive.

Céline Angèle

Photo Georges Karam

One morning I said to myself: I will make three novels about the numbers of the first three cabriolets that I meet today. I met numbers 1699, 1792 and 1482. This is why I wrote Han d'Islande, Bug-Jargal and Notre-Dame de Paris.
Victor Hugo  

Performed at Studio Ki (Graz, Austria) in 2012 , La pièce à musique (Paris, France)
and Butô Festival, Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée (Paris, France) in 2013

"Corps et mots" , critic of Lumière Noire by Guy Degeorges (in French)