" i " Performance solo: dance, juggling, contortion - Jean Daniel Fricker


Performance solo: dance, juggling, contortion

Photo Annalisa Savoca

Performance solo: dance, juggling, contortion

Duration: approximately 50 minutes 

Interpretation, Choreography and Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

" Barely a thousand years ago I was naked and dumb

I struggle to remember but there’s only emptiness

something, something escapes from it

its scream, its form, upside down its exclamation

nobody has a name nobody has a name

I am but movement and scratches

but be careful, I did not choose there is no choice

it is always the necessity

it imposed itself

posed as a knife planted "

Jean Daniel Fricker

Valladolid 2010 Photo Raquel Prieto



That’s how I saw you dancing
 "It is not enough to undress. We must lay bare. Get out from ourself straigth away, to collapse in ourself. Twisting and distorting. Giving birth to ourselves vulgarly, legs apart, and get confused with the unfinished child squirted out from the legs, like a ball catched at the crossroads of chance, by accident. Play like at the very beginning, as in myths, born from the mud of Gods, and collapse again. Repeat the wild creation escaped from the mud. A joyful and ecstatic ceremony, inside oneself and its broken edges. Between the legs. Shaking as a ghost standing at attention in front of a ridiculous Death, which is only dialoguing with ancient drums, mythical birds. Stripping our own skins. Eating our own clothes.

But where have we seen all this ? No doubt long time ago, before we were born. Jean Daniel Fricker dance at the origin, outside any time. He drifts between the old man and the just-in-born baby, between the after death and the before birth, remembering nothing but impulses, and without any future. He dances between chaos and Form, uncertain but blinding. Organs and members intertwined; from this almost confused contortion, balls are springing up. Jonglorsion which gives the liberating appearance of an order, as an ephemeral manifestation soon disappeared in the collapse. Some sacred which could have been and that we anyway are contemplating, in his fleeting emergence as a nostalgia that we have lost. "

Jean-Noël Pelen (Researcher at CNRS)

Performed about 60 times between 2003 and 2010

Best Performer Award (Premio de Interpretación)
at the Xth Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle in Valladolid, Spain 2009

Photo Annalisa Savoca

About Innovation in Juggling

Let’s get into the subject directly! I have never invented anything, everything is already there. I experiment with the matter, transforming it.
What do you wanted to become when you were a child ? I wanted to be a frog, a circus frog, now I " twist myself as a pig under a knife " (1). I have a back pain today, I hurted myself while I was asleep, I throw myself on the floor shouting and then I hurt myself sleeping, it makes no sense. "Who which is normal and sane would walk on a wire or speak in verse?
It's too crazy. Man or woman? Monster for sure. "(2)
I feel that juggling is a way to get rid of "the spirit of heaviness" (3), to move forward, not necessarily to a new path, but to our own path, as would be for a plant, an animal.
Who does invent something ? We wait and something comes along, then we throw it. And we wait again. Sometimes, miraculously are questions that are thrown.
Maybe there is evolution only through openness. Let’s open our limits, really, without caricatures, without ideas, without hiding behind a technique, but use it to show: weakness, joy, shadows, crazyness, flowers. Do not limit juggling to entertainment : the large audience doesn’t deserve only that. Let’s show, let’s try a little more what’s REAL, our body, its limits, the flesh itself... what a PARTY!

Jean Daniel Fricker
(Text published in the Juggling Magazine No. 36-September 2007)
Quotes : (1) Georges Bataille (2) Jean Genet (3) Friederich Nietzsche

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