" ombres internes " Group performance - Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

 ombres internes

(inner shadows)

Group performance
Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker
Assistant:  Céline Angèle
With: Céline Angèle, Sophie Cutillas, Sara Pulici, Iva Tratnik

Photo Jeffery Meylan

I write with the others ... those who have written before the writing,
those who have undergone this crucial attraction to split in two,
what I have called besides ... the inner shadow.
The shadow cast by the facts, from where writing comes.
Marguerite Duras

"Life is to disappear. Directing also is learning to disappear.
We are an ecosystem. I wish that it breathes, that it born in the moment,
that it dies in the moment. The form disappears, to appear. There are many shows today,
I try to reveal this time before writing, to take that risk.
The composer Alban Berg implored "listen profoundly".
Jean Daniel Fricker

Première at the XVth Butô Festival in june 2014
at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris, France

"I am the night,
The night of the body,
its unknown enlighten me.
I am the hidden life of the body,
which takes us and escapes from us.
The body, this great mystery
both fragile and unlimited.
I am the porosity,
the porosity of the moment, of the waiting.
I am born from darkness,
in the darkness, the flesh has a light.
At the first step, I die
at the last step, I let it go,
the boiling of life.
At times, the silence screams.
The cry sometimes makes no noise.
I am dancing at the edge,
on the way to birth. "

Céline Angèle

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