" la femme inconnue " Group Performance 

- Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker


la femme inconnue 

Group Performance

Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

Assistant: Céline Angèle

With: Céline Angèle, Sophie Cutillas, Anne-Cécile Deliaud, Sara Pulici, Teresa Santos and Iva Tratnik

Duration: approximately 60 minutes

Première: 2013 March 20th, in Contagiarte, Porto, Portugal

Photo: Marta Vasconcelos

The deepest experience of the creator is feminine, for it is experience of receiving and bearing. 

Rainer Maria Rilke

" The flowers of silence.

A river of bodies, infinite and new at every moment

in the sanctuary of a countless skin.

A still fire, a burning silence,

which consums and illuminates this inner hereafter,

intimate flesh of the universe.

Seeking light into the darkness, the unknown, the emptiness

and it leaves open the road to the impossible, unattainable dream,

souvenir of eternity. "

Céline Angèle

Photo: Marta Vasconcelos

" pearl of rain    slowly    very slowly
an ageless sky's agreement
loneliness loving
bodies hanging to what they are
receiving the dead          living is the breath
in the middle of everywhere      absence of identity
joy   joy    joy
naked child
wild purity                                crouching
tree of peace, uprooted              embracing immortality
organic smiling
sensitive is the bark of our skins
vibrating is the thin link of our strings of silver
hands offering their nervures
waves   silence "
Anne-Cécile Déliaud

Photo: Marta Vasconcelos

" Not knowing, not wanting, keep going on liquid ground. Eternity lies within, old and new at the same time. A process of intense physical transformation occurs. Empty is full. This slow death is pushing me to life.(...)"
Teresa Santos

Photo: Didac Gilabert

"... Biscuits swallowed into the darkness.
Deserts of idiots. Idiots are prelanguage children.
Ageless children, forever locked and free in their insanity.
Before naming of "things" and learning of "rules" begin. "
Iva Tratnik

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