" The Blank Bird " Performance Solo: juggling, dance, contortion - Jean Daniel Fricker

The Blank Bird

Performance Solo: juggling, dance, contortion

Duration: 9 minutes 30 ( part from the performance " i " )

Interpretation, Choreography and Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

A Tree helps sometimes the flight of a Bird,

sometimes it opens the heart of Mens

or just their eyes. 

Jean Daniel Fricker

Poland 2010 - Photo Lukasz Gdak


" Jean-Daniel Fricker is a singular artist, such as found little.
First " jonglorsionniste ", he is the author of short peculiar pieces, closely combining juggling and contortion.
These are not " numbers "of circus but very beautiful choreographic poems, cleverly highlighted. The contrast between the lightness of juggling and the tortuous roughness of contortion is striking. The slowness and precision of the execution show an amazing ability of concentration, and moreover this quest for interiority that is the hallmark of great jugglers. (...) "

Jean-Michel Guy, former HEC, doctor of sociology, a researcher at the Ministry of Culture, September 2001

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