Laissez-moi devenir

 En 2012, Georges Karam nous a proposé une collaboration pour son projet de photographie dans la nature à travers les saisons intitulé " Laissez-moi devenir ".
Nous l'avons invité en Forêt de Fontainebleau où nous avons commencé
ce projet toujours en cours.
Nous sommes aussi allés sous le Pont Neuf à Paris.

 In 2012, Georges Karam proposed us a collaboration for his photography project 
through the Seasons in the nature called " Laissez-moi devenir ". 
We invited him to Forêt de Fontainebleau where we start this on going collaboration.
We also went under the Pont Neuf in Paris.

Céline Angèle & Jean Daniel Fricker

Laissez-moi devenir une feuille d’arbre caressée par la brise, 
La poussière d’une route imprévue et solitaire, 
L’eau qui ruisselle n’importe où après les pluies, 
L’empreinte des roues sur le chemin avant que d’autres roues ne l’effacent, 
La toupie du gamin, qui va s’arrêter, 
Et qui tourne, du même mouvement que la terre, 
Et tremble, du même mouvement que l’âme, 
Et tombe, comme tombent les dieux, sur le sol du Destin.

Alvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa)

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Quelques traces d'un stage en Pyrénées Orientales. - Some traces of a workshop in the Eastern Pyrenees.

Quelques traces d'un stage en Pyrénées Orientales.
La doyenne y a rencontré le doyen. À eux deux ils totalisent 149 ans.
Quand on vous dit que les stages sont ouverts à tous!

Some traces of a workshop in the Eastern Pyrenees.
The female senior met with the male senior. Together they have 149 years.
When we say that workshops are open to all, we mean it !


Bois de la comtesse, Ferme du Riuferrer, Photos Jean Daniel Fricker


Une* pétale s'en est allée

Une* pétale s'en est allée,
la voir en toute chose.

Ô Dionysos

Une bibliothèque brûle.

Ton sourire présent dans les pires moments, ton sourire présent.

Aloual est parti.


Tout ce partage, ton accueil, ton regard, ta voix, ce sang mêlant, ton corps, l'invisible

Est-ce toi qui a su me faire aimer l'humain, me le faire voir, m'y faire croire, m'y faire devenir ?

"Cherchons nos ailes !"

Avec toi


The Birth of The Night Butterfly

Exhibition of Adam Łach Lunaris from our collaborations under the moonlight
in >India and >Cambodia

From 3rd of October to 2nd of November 2014:
Leica Gallery Warsaw,  ul.Mysia 3, Poland
Privet View 02.10.2014  20.00h
> Info (in Polish)

Photo Adam Łach Lunaris

A dance in which every single movement – even what the eye perceives as a gasp or so - it's a detail that embodies an entire world. By the obstinate search for what is essential, what remains after removing all, the game takes place in a scene where extremes cohabit: life and dead, presence and absence, the echo of an ancient tradition and today's tensions, skin, internal organs, male and female. These photographs do not return the story of this dance, they do not explain, they do not document. They resist the temptation of revealing everything and making the gesture becoming a heroic act, isolated in a stillness that doesn’t belong to it. Rather these pictures say the same thing, they keep the mystery alive by using another language. The movement developed in the space is translated and stratified in the long-term exposure of the camera. A dance where extremes coexists is observed by a look that proceed with a similar step. They record the here and now, the place where took place what they show, but they transform the specificity of space and time by receiving the echo of the painting’s tradition: the colors, the composition. They extend their possibilities of description till almost dissolving it. In the tension that is generated by this process, the core that gives life to the dance becomes visible and so the intention behind it. The bodies - of which we cannot perceive the details - in some cases become fading shadows, soft matter. They are in the space - in the water or in the air does not matter - and they are crossed by these elements, they change and are changed by their surroundings. Through these photographs we breathe with our eyes the effects of the balance produced by their peculiar form of presence. In one of them, in the background, a walking boy appears.
Emanuela DeCecco - Art Critic, 30.08.2011

Il est des habits

" Il est des habits qui durent plus que l'amour.
Il est des habits qui commencent avec la mort
et font le tour du monde
et de deux mondes.

Il est des habits qui au lieu de s'user
se font toujours plus neufs.

Il est des habits pour se dévêtir. 

Il est des habits verticaux. 

La chute de l'homme
les met debout. " 

Roberto Juarroz

" au bord du silence " Installation, Performance solo - Jean Daniel Fricker

au bord du silence

(at the edge of silence)

Installation, Performance solo: Jean Daniel Fricker

Moments of the process ] chambre intérieure [ 

With the support of: Céline Angèle

Duration: Undetermined

" I do not know. Céline suggests me some words,
then I try, with the requirement that I’ve been given today,
to experience physically these words.
Could be Duras, Rilke, Hölderlin, Bram Van Velde.
The meaning remains incomprehensible and open,
but in each moment, without understanding, I try to be permeable to those words.
I think that the words are born from a physical relation with the world.
While everything seems about to end, I make an effort to be at the beginning,
to be dead, to be alive. I try to let act the words, to let them born,
in the particles that compose this body,
in the space
in you. "
Jean Daniel Fricker

Première at the XVth Butô Festival in june 2014
at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris, France

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" ombres internes " Group performance - Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

 ombres internes

(inner shadows)

Group performance
Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker
Assistant:  Céline Angèle
With: Céline Angèle, Sophie Cutillas, Sara Pulici, Iva Tratnik

Photo Jeffery Meylan

I write with the others ... those who have written before the writing,
those who have undergone this crucial attraction to split in two,
what I have called besides ... the inner shadow.
The shadow cast by the facts, from where writing comes.
Marguerite Duras

"Life is to disappear. Directing also is learning to disappear.
We are an ecosystem. I wish that it breathes, that it born in the moment,
that it dies in the moment. The form disappears, to appear. There are many shows today,
I try to reveal this time before writing, to take that risk.
The composer Alban Berg implored "listen profoundly".
Jean Daniel Fricker

Première at the XVth Butô Festival in june 2014
at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris, France

"I am the night,
The night of the body,
its unknown enlighten me.
I am the hidden life of the body,
which takes us and escapes from us.
The body, this great mystery
both fragile and unlimited.
I am the porosity,
the porosity of the moment, of the waiting.
I am born from darkness,
in the darkness, the flesh has a light.
At the first step, I die
at the last step, I let it go,
the boiling of life.
At times, the silence screams.
The cry sometimes makes no noise.
I am dancing at the edge,
on the way to birth. "

Céline Angèle

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