Dance & Existence / BUTOH workshops

with Jean Daniel Fricker & Celine Angele

As an universal dialect,

leaving the body speak from itself,

a way that goes down into the matter. (1)

 Photo Teresa Santos: Sophie Cutillas, near Porto, Portugal 2013


We search for the birth of the movement,
the intuition of the moment and the total identification
on poetry verse that nourish our field of experiences.
Our dear deceased friend Aloual, co-founder of the Théâtre du Lierre in Paris
called  our research  " danse franche "  in reference to the creation franche
in Art brut.
During my performance, I do not know what is experienced .
Celine suggests me some words,

then I try, with the requirement that I’ve been given today,

to experience physically these words.

Could be Duras, Rilke, Hölderlin, Bram Van Velde.

The meaning remains incomprehensible and open,

but in each moment, without understanding,
I try to be permeable to those words.

I think that the words are born from a physical relation with the world.

While everything seems about to end, I make an effort to be at the beginning,

to be dead, to be alive. I try to let act the words, to let them born,

in the particles that compose this body,

in the space
in you.

Photos Peter Michelitsch, Austria 2012, JDF Porto 2013, Aude Isebe, Faaac 2006 

This body laboratory invites everyone to focus the attention
on the visible and the invisible, on the daily life gesture
and the intuition.

We’ll go through a series of experiences of impregnation
and by changing qualities, materials, themes we will explore:
a virgin and available state, the qualities of permeation,
absorption and identification, silence, spontaneity,
an impregnation of our daily surroundings or far away environment,

an integration of place and space,
the memories of our body, our cells, our ancestors.

I propose to everyone to give birth to the dance of its own body.

Workshops do not require any preliminary knowledge, 
they are open to all. (2)

Texts: (1): Jean Daniel Fricker , (2): Celine Angele & Jean Daniel Fricker