La récolte du sensible
The harvest of the sensitive

with Céline Angèle & Jean Daniel Fricker

                   Céline Angèle, photo Georges Karam

 " To absorb, to feed, to identify, to embody, to take with oneself.
Surrender. Let the body be born from the experience of impregnation.
To inhabit, to be inhabited. Harvest the sensitive. "

Céline Angèle

      Jean Daniel Fricker, photo Georges Karam

" This body laboratory invites everyone to put attention on the visible
and on the invisible, the daily gesture and the intuition.
We’ll go through a series of experiences, of impregnation of various qualities,
materials, as well as many themes.
B O D Y , we can only open it. "

Jean Daniel Fricker


5 full days


in l'Entre Lieu
in the village of Larchant, 1 hour south from Paris
Practice room of 80m2 and 5 minutes walk from Fontainebleau forest
Accommodation on site in rooms of 2-3 people with bathroom
Vegetarian and organic meals that we cook together

Information & Registration:

Céline Angèle: lentrelieu(at)gmail.com


6 hours of practices and experiences per day

Sessions of experiences in the Nature

Intended for anyone, dancer, performer, actor, painter, juggler, circus artist...
who want to experiment; sensations, emotions and feelings, beyond their limits and open their body to expression.

At each of our workshop, no preliminary knowledge is required.
The attitude of availability and the qualities of listening and receptivity in this experience are the most important.
This workshop is the workshop of each participant, it is he/she who does it with the body he/she has, here and now,
with his/her memories, souvenirs, fragilities and strengths, knowledge and ignorance,
vulnerability and power, doubts and trust,
parts of shadows and parts of light.

We propose to everyone to give birth to the dance of its own body.











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All photos from Céline Angèle & Jean Daniel Fricker