Diptyque avec une ombre - performances solos avec Jean Daniel Fricker & Céline Angèle

     Céline Angèle & Jean Daniel Fricker, Koh Ker  Cambodge  Photo Adam Lach Lunaris

We search for the birth of the movement, the intuition of the moment and the total identification on poetry verse that nourish our field of experiences.
 Our dear deceased friend Aloual, co-founder of the Théâtre du Lierre in Paris
 called  our research " danse franche "  in reference to the creation franche in Art brut.

Just before our performances, we give to each other some words, could be Duras, Rilke, Hölderlin , Bram van Velde...
Then we try to experience physically these words rather than focus on a visual result.

Are the words born from a physical relation with the world? While everything seems about to end, we make an effort to be at the beginning, to be dead, to be alive. We try to let act the words, to let them born,
 in the particles that compose this body,

in the space, 
in you.

Jean Daniel Fricker & Céline Angèle 

"Diptyque avec une ombre" is the title of a collection of poetry of Jacques Ancet, Arfuyen 2005 editions

Première at the XVIIth Butô Festival in june 2016 at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris, France