] chambre intérieure [ Performance's process - Jean Daniel Fricker

] chambre intérieure [

I experiment a radical body process ] chambre intérieure [ 
, inner chamber,
a kind of non-dance in which the body would say yes to any moment, any space.
I intend a dance of the moment, not a linear construction
but the verticality of momentum based on intuition and receptivity.

I try to make myself available to each moment every single one, stubbornly.

I give more attention to the vibration of the atmosphere than to the visual rendering,
form, or movement. I am questioning about the possibility of not looking myself
having the experience as it is exposed to the gaze of others.
I propose for instance to give as much attention to the immobility
and the silence, than to the movement itself.

Jean Daniel Fricker

Cambodia, Photo Adam Łach Lunaris


You are not investing the space, the space is investing you.

Céline Angèle

" I do not know. Céline suggests me some words,
then I try, with the requirement that I’ve been given today,
to experience physically these words.
Could be Duras, Rilke, Hölderlin, Bram Van Velde.
The meaning remains incomprehensible and open,
but in each moment, without understanding, I try to be permeable to those words.
I think that the words are born from a physical relation with the world.
While everything seems about to end, I make an effort to be at the beginning,
to be dead, to be alive. I try to let act the words, to let them born,
in the particles that compose this body,
in the space
in you. "
Jean Daniel Fricker

Performance's process: Jean Daniel Fricker
With the support of: Céline Angèle

" Lumière Liquide " Performance in situ: Rolland Martinez (Sound) - Jean Daniel Fricker
2011 August 1st, at 11:00 on the morning - Roquefort les Cascades (Ariège, France) 

It was not me dancing, 
she's running.
Jean Daniel Fricker

 Performance with Jean Daniel. Crossing the vibrations of my instruments with his dance, 
the presence of the audience, and the magic of the place. 
Rolland Martinez

Photos Sébastien Dupré



" Twin Ghost " Performance in situ: Hiroko Komiya (Sound) - Jean Daniel Fricker
2011 September 11th (Paris) historic buildings and apartment at Aloual's
 (architect: Henri Sauvage, decorator: Francis Jourdain)

Sunday 11th Sep in Paris, I accompanied for Jean Daniel's dance "Twin Ghost"
with sound of Stone, Water, Metal bowl, and Bells. Intimate deep moments.
Without being counscious of playing, I tried to listen on each object emits a sound spontaneously.
Momentary body and shining moon, they were in invisible resonance.
Hiroko Komiya

" Reconciliation " Installation, Performance in situ: Sébastien Dupré (Sound) - Jean Daniel Fricker
2011 September 22nd - Cave : Grotte de l’Homme Mort (Aude, France) - Approach : 1 hour

" 40,000 years

today a space opened

the souls of animals before they were gods

before the gods, what?

a butterfly



were the tools of "knowledge".

To be born with

to be moved by

to be changed by.

Lions, bulls, rhinoceros

the wolves are walking with the child 

and then one day the child knows

he is something else, the child believe.

Permeability, it rained on my bones "
Jean Daniel Fricker

Just a quick note to write a big thank you for the moment of pure happiness and deep sharing in this improbable place (...) 
Strong Images, diaphanous light and return to the origins ...
Vincent L.

The Milky Way deep in the cave after 20 min of underground walking, as if the worlds from above were meeting those below.

" vidA MORte " Performance in situ: Jean Daniel Fricker
2011 November 22nd for sunset, Castro de S.Paio in Labruge. Near Porto, PORTUGAL

Photos Ines Miguel, Teresa Santos

" We arrive and you are standing there belonging.
We find our places. I've been here many times before and today is
different. You keep moving, looking fragile and strong, like if the
atmosphere you create with your presence is supporting your body. I let
myself become a part of this. I watch every movement from inside of you,
and I realise this is also about me, somehow we are all together in this

I'm standing hold by the wind, the winds that blowed and the others
that will blow, and by the silence between them.
This place is speaking to me and through me.
These old walls watch my back and secretly in a silent whisper they are
telling me to go on.
I step very gently every step of the way, I don't want to leave visible
traces of my physical presence. My feet are receptive and my body is
opening. I am the sunset and soon I'll be light. Now. A part of me just
died and the entire universe is living in me. My personal story is crying in
this body and disapearing at the same time. There are no borders
between me and the world: skin, heart and spirit are melting, loving and
embracing. I wish... Is it me wishing, or is it humanity in the presence of
these brothers and sisters surrounding me? Merci. "

Teresa Santos

> Video extract of the performance vidA MORte

" Au bois de la comtesse " Performance in situ: Jean Daniel Fricker
2012 April 16th at noon in the beech forest known as " bois de la comtesse " near Ceret (Pyrenees mountain, south France)

It was at 1021 meters altitude, just after an unexpected morning snow, and during strong cold wind, 20 people came.

" Fleur de feu " Performance in situ: Lisa Pujari (Voice: Raag Bhupali) - Matteo De Bellis (Tempura) - Jean Daniel Fricker
2012 May 4th at 2 pm in the ruined church of Sant Marti, near Corsavy (Pyrenees, south France)


" Agua impropria para conumo " Performance in situ: Jean Daniel Fricker
2013 March 13th in the morning at 11 AM in Calçada das Carquejeiras, Fontainhas, Porto, Portugal
Under the bridge in "tanques da roupa" where people wash the clothes.

Photo Teresa Santos

" TabulA RasA " , " Laissez-moi devenir " and " au bord du silence "  are also part of that process.

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