" La Femme Ailée " Dance: Celine Angele - Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

La Femme Ailée 

Solo Dance: Céline Angèle
Direction: Jean Daniel Fricker

Duration: 50 minutes

Incandescent whiteness in pale cloth spred around her,

she was looking like a butterfly, a flower born from dawn,

and softly coloured by red in the emerging morning light.

Wreathed with flowers, from her body torn by joy spring up her crazy prayer,

she was looking like a flower born from mud, a body born from earth, rising to ecstasy.
Céline Angèle

Photo Adam Łach Lunaris

To Klo

To Bonne Maman

To Princess, young disabled indian beggar

To Japanese children

Creation 2009 Premiere in Xth Butoh Festival of Paris

Re-creation 2011


" Shattered by the exquisite ambiguity of Celine Angele in " La Femme Ailee ",
a demanding dance on the edge of precipice, a permanent emotional ecstasy."

Georges Karam

" the body's testimony
Flowers on the ground, and there she is. Enclosed in a black dress, emaciated, eyes closed and smiling lips,
Dreaming of her existence? Silence, some movement: an inner joy radiates from the slowness of her flight.
As an irresistible evidence - it is the state, not the action that we feel, why?
 The dress falls, the body tied,
and the tissue sticks like a second skin. On the ground, as in the mud, her few meters journey resonates in this parisian cave.
An amazing story of beautiful meetings, from others travels to other continents,
where she would have brought invisible people and their happiness of existence, the intensity. By which action?

The body testifies, both vulnerable and strong, bends and breaks up, comes up against the limits, dies and reborn.
Fingers twisted, for pain maybe, during the time that piano notes are shelled.
To enable us to guess both the monstrosity and humanity, she's stretched in the middle like a string between the two.

Ecstasy is stripped as naked skin, in an absolute poverty, an offering as only expression of the universal.

She shows the other. on the ground, the flowers. She gives. "
Guy Degeorges, pour Un Soir ou Un Autre,

Photo Georges Karam

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