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Jean Daniel Fricker   

Jean Daniel Fricker undertakes an exploration experience to inner and limitless spaces.
This crystalline and cellular dance is a non-form state,
“another” intimacy; intimate and universal, a receptacle body, 
serving each single moment, innumerable.
A life that seeks itself, new at each moment, offering itself to the becoming.

Since 1994, he has played its performances, " L'Oiseau Brank ", " Parole ", " FEU ", " i ",
" Cambodian Ghost Stories " in over 25 countries, exploring themes such as the vulnerability 

of the human condition, animality, requiem and spontaneity 
combining his dance practice with juggling and contortion.

In its early stages his research was influenced by his encounters with Jérôme Thomas.
In 1997, he discovered Butoh, that deepens through many meetings with Kazuo Ohno,
Yoshito Ohno and many butohkas.
In 2005 he meets his partner Céline Angèle with whom he has never ceased to work with.

In 2007 he found a group that he trains for the performance " Prières "
which lasted 6 weeks in Hampi (India), in this project he researches in particular
the unique and deep existence of each performer, in a common space.
His group experiences continue with the performances 

" Aus den Sieben Leuten ", " Femme(s) ", " la femme inconnue ", " Solitudes "and "ombres internes" in which he emphasizes the personal attitude and the intuition beyond any form or technique.
In 2013, he directs the dancer and actress Céline Angèle in the performance " Lumière Noire ",
an experience of body and words, seeking their birth.

Since March 2010 he explores in solos the process ] chambre intérieure [
with the support of Céline Angèle in many performances often in situ:

" Lumière Liquide " , " Réconciliation " , " vidA MORte ", etc
and also in the installations performances " TabulA RasA " and " au bord du silence "

His performances have been invited in many festivals, 

Festival of Contemporary Juggling organized by Jérôme Thomas,
5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling 2006 (Finland), International Festival of Contemporary Theater

and Performing Arts 2005 (Zadar, Croatia), Bertin Poirée and CAVE 
(Well known places for Butoh in Paris and New York), International Festival of Circus 
in Venezuela 2008, Zonglovani Festival 2008 (Prague), FIAR 2010 (Portugal) ...
He performed also in BUREN Cirque (" FEU " is broadcast on Arte TV on this occasion), 
and at the Venice Biennale, Antwerpen Festival, and the Festival Internazionale del Circo Contemporaneo of Brescia as the headliner of "Ombra di Luna".
He also played in many Galas, CIRCA 1997 (Auch), Mondoñedo 1998 (Spain), 

EJC (European Juggling Convention) 1997 (Turin)
, EJC 2004 (Carvin), 
EJC 2007 (Athens), Berlin 2007, Prague 2008, Poland 2010 ...

In 2009, he received the Best Performer Award 
at the Xth International Festival of Valladolid TAC (Spain) for the performance " i ".

Moreover, since 2001 he regularly gives workshops, 

and directs dancers, actors, jugglers and performers.

Portrait by IVA TRATNIK